Why Conserve Your Land?

Pocono Heritage Land Trust (PHLT) is dedicated to the conservation of important lands and waters including open space, agricultural landscapes, and natural areas in the Poconos. The beauty and diversity of the Pocono landscape have drawn people to this region for well over a century. Today, more than ever before, long-term protection of precious natural areas depends in part on the actions of concerned private landowners. Preserving our natural legacy and ensuring that your land is protected in its natural state can bring many benefits. Perhaps the most gratifying is the knowledge that present and future generations will cherish the natural areas your actions made possible. There can also be substantial tax advantages.

There are a variety of tools that may be used to protect your property. Determining which option may be right for you will involve careful consideration.

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What we do

PHLT works cooperatively with landowners and local government to preserve land with environmental, scenic or recreational value. In some cases, PHLT acquires ownership of the land through donation or purchase. In others, it acquires the development rights through voluntary legal agreements called conservation easements.

In all cases, the trust accepts responsibility for managing and protecting the land in perpetuity.

Everyone who lives in the Poconos benefits. During the three and a half decades of PHLT's existence, far more land has been developed than conserved; people need places to live, work, and shop, after all. However, hand-in-hand with that growth comes our shared responsibility to respect and protect our natural world.

Developing land may mean economic rewards for some people. But conserving land means everybody reaps the benefits of nature - pure drinking water, clean air, healthy wildlife, thriving forests, and a higher quality of life in our community - now, and for generations to come.

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The scope of our work

The Pocono Heritage Land Trust works to preserve important lands of the Pocono region. These are identified as lands with: high quality streams and other flowing water, natural resources, connectivity to existing and planned greenways and buffers, unique and threatened habitats, areas with increased threat of development especially in underserved communities, large parcels of 100 or more acres, or lands with historical significance representing our collective cultural heritage.

The Pocono Heritage Land Trust exists for the benefit of our community including present and future generations of residents, visitors, and tourists in Monroe and contiguous counties. We work proudly alongside local, regional, state, and national conservation organizations to preserve lands in all regions of the Poconos.

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