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"Focus on the Poconos (with a few ringers)"
Photography by Ray Roper

Exhibit will be on display through the end of September 2021.

Visit the gallery Monday-Friday during regular business hours (open most days, as staffing allows).

OPENING RECEPTION: Sunday, September 12, 2021 | 1PM-4PM
The Gallery at Brodhead Creek Heritage Center will be open to the public for the exhibit's opening reception from 1 to 4 PM on Sunday, September 12. Visitors may enjoy light refreshments and are invited to explore the ForEvergreen Nature Preserve on the property. Photography will be for sale during the event.

No RSVP required. Please wear a mask and maintain social distancing.

About the exhibit

"While my itchy foot has not abated, the ability to travel freely certainly has in the last twenty months of the COVID 19 pandemic. To compensate, my wife and I began revisiting many of the local Pocono venues that we had last viewed years in the past. That activity has not been without its own benefits. Many new and fresh images of the beautiful surroundings where we live have resulted from these more recent and local peregrinations.  Some of those are included in this exhibit. Travel to more exotic locations may return in the future, but in the meantime, we can renew our appreciation for the offerings on hand in our own back yard."

- Ray Roper, September 2021


Personal History
I like to say I've had four careers: Air Force fighter pilot (Viet Nam era), airline pilot (until Eastern Airlines was destroyed by corporate raiders and mismanagement), computer and software sales (until the software I wrote for my own use became a marketable product), and software development engineer (now retired). During all those career gyrations, however, one abiding love remained—the creative outlet of photography. With the advent of digital cameras and their vastly lower cost per image and a decreasing software development workload through aging (both mine and the software's), opportunities for travel to some of the world's premier trekking location were dramatically improved, and along with it the chances to capture and creatively process some striking images became a realistic possibility. So here we all are.

Our Photographic Philosophy
The world's great trekking locations qualify for that appellation largely because they are visually stunning. My goal then is twofold: first to get to see some of those places firsthand, and second to preserve those memories in captured digital images in a manner that does justice to their fascination for us as seen directly. Since human eyes have a vastly greater ability than even the most sophisticated modern camera to see wide ranges of light and dark and extremely subtle gradations of color, doing the scene justice requires some creative post processing. Not, we should hasten to aver, to add elements that were not in the view in the first place, but simply to take maximum advantage of the camera's abilities to produce an image that comes as close as possible to possessing all the rich visual bounty that dazzled our eyes in the original spectacle.

About the artist



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Our Story
Welcome to the work of Terratracks by Ray Roper. Wanderlust seems to have been built into my genetic code. To my great good fortune (and judgment, of course), I married a girl with an equal bent to see the far-flung places of the world—preferably those that require walking to be seen. This exhibit will showcase images and stories indelibly printed in both digital and human memory. For a more complete review of photography from trips and treks both around the world and nearer to home here in the Poconos, please visit our website.

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