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July - September 2020 Exhibit:

Paintings by Marie Liu

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About the Artist:

The Delaware River Valley, its creeks, woods scenes and waterfalls provide painter Marie Liu with endless inspiration. Since moving to the Poconos almost a decade ago, she has dedicated herself entirely to exploring and painting its landscape and history. 

Vast tracts of public land, protected by State and Federal agencies, enable access to areas that are unique treasures and makes the region a perfect place for a landscape painter. Her paintings serve as a tribute to those that work to protect these areas for the publics benefit. 

As Resident Artist for the Delaware Water Gap National Recreation Area from 2015-16, she focused her creative energy on interpreting the scenery and history of the Park area for exhibits in the visitor centers. She also researched the history of art of the Minisink area and artists that have lived within it, such as Marie Zimmermann and Frank Schoonover. She delivers this Power Point presentation throughout the area, including the Dutot Museum, Pike and Dingman/Delaware Historical Societies and Grey Towers National Historic Site.  A local history buff, one of her favorite subjects is Gifford Pinchot. Having painted numerous images of him, she enjoys informing people of his great achievements as Americas First Conservationist, 1st Chief of the US Forest Service (working with Pres. Teddy Roosevelt to increase and enhance US Forest and Park lands) and two-time Governor of Pennsylvania. 

She has been a member of the cooperative - ARTery Gallery in Milford for over a decade, where she exhibits her paintings and as curator works to provide a forum for regional artists and collaborates with local organizations to create exhibits that engage the community and educate visitors about the region. 

Educated in the Fine Arts at the Rocky Mountain College of Art and Design in Denver, CO; she returned to the North East to be in the landscape that she feels a kinship with. She was co-owner of the Star Gallery in her hometown of Middletown NY for 11 years before relocating to Milford.
 YouTube: Marie Liu art                                   Facebook: Pocono Waterfall Art

Opening reception:

Sunday, July 19th, 2020

2:00 - 6:00 PM

Paintings on display through September 2020

"Indian Ladders Falls w: Chief Thunder Cloud"

"Marshalls Creek Falls"

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