Jill Thatcher

PHLT Board Treasurer

Jill is a retired accountant. She previously worked as Comptroller at Hemlock Farms Community Association, a private residential community of 3,200 homes. She lives on 11 acres in Cherry Valley and loves her homestead lifestyle, growing vegetables, cutting firewood, roaming the woods and enjoying nature's beauty. She also serves on the Board of the Friends of Cherry Valley.

More from Jill:

I have been Treasurer of Pocono Heritage Land Trust for about ten years, and I have found it exciting to take part in saving open space for future generations to enjoy. Our board members have a diverse array of skills: naturalists to identify the most important places to conserve, educators and marketers to get our message out to the public, realtors, lawyers and accountants to move acquisitions forward, business people to keep our organization running efficiently, etc. Like any organization we have had some growing pains and disagreements, but our board members are dedicated enough to work through the issues and make PHLT better and stronger. We have several properties in the pipeline for possible acquisition – from discussion to negotiation to grant application to assembling funding from various sources. Which ones will PHLT end up owning? I have a front row seat to watch the reality show!