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Wednesday, September 7th | 5PM - 7PM

Stop by the Brodhead Creek Heritage Center on Wednesday evening to meet the artist, enjoy light refreshments, and venture a stroll around ForEvergreen Nature Preserve. 

The Gallery at

Brodhead Creek Heritage Center

Creating community and connection through nature-inspired art exhibits

Located at 1539 Cherry Lane Rd. East Stroudsburg, PA 18301

"Walking Meditations"

Clay Sculpture by Joni Maya Oye

September 2022

"During the COVID shutdown, I was an art professor at ESU and had to teach my studio classes online via zoom. It was a stressful time for both the students and faculty, augmented by the limited access we had to other venues in the community. I had occasionally visited area nature preserves and hiking trails, but I began making daily trips to break from sitting in front of a laptop and webcam all day, to clear my head and my thoughts. Solitary by nature, I reveled in the opportunity to walk and observe a changing environment as the seasons turned from spring to summer, fall to winter and back to spring again. Nature and its metaphors stirred thoughts, ideas and reflection. Most of the work in this exhibition has been completed from that time to the present and incorporates themes of personal history and identity with my walking meditations."

Artist statement

"Kamidana 3"

"Oracle Pot"

"Arboreal Secret 2"


"Impermanence 3"

"Impermanence 2"

"Arboreal Secret 1"