Please Note: The Pocono Mountain Chapter of National Audobon Society participates in the annual Christmas Bird Count within this geographic circle only. If you plan on participating with the Pocono Mountain Chapter, be sure to stay within this region!

 A number of our PHLT Preserves are partially or entirely within the Pocono Mountain Chapter circle which is centered in Tannersville and stretches from Mt. Pocono to Cherry Valley, including PHLT's Kurmes Nature Preserve, Yankee Run Nature Preserve, Pocono Creek Nature Preserve, Learn Conservation Easement, Pohoqualine Fish Association Conservation Easement, Pomeroy Nature Preserve and Glen Run Nature Preserve.

If you would like to participate in the Christmas Bird Count outside of the Pocono Mountain region, visit the Audubon Society's interactive map to find a chapter near you.

Please contact Darryl Speicher at Pocono Avian Research Center if you would like to participate: 


Step 1: Download this count sheet to track your bird count on December 20th.

Step 2: On December 20th, head outdoors and write down any birds you see or hear!

Complete bird counts (number of birds observed for each species, not just number of species) is needed to fully understand the population health of the birds observed.

Step 3: Submit your results (listed in the order as they appear on the count sheet) to Darryl Speicher at      


Happy birding!

Learn more about the 2020 Christmas Bird Count and this history of the project on the National Audubon Society Website